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Caisson sources and captures opportunities with growth potential, and once acquired value can be released through the application of bespoke asset plans for each investment under management. These are reviewed regularly to ensure they are responding to investor requirements and market conditions.  This focus forms part of Caisson’s Integrated Fund and Asset Management (IFAM) approach. The principles of this approach include:

Capital Raising, initiating and structuring Caisson specific funds

Focusing on diversified income asset-backed real estate where long-term value can be created by taking an active approach to asset management.

Transaction Origination and Completion

Strong asset sourcing supported by its proprietary in-house market database. Caisson work with experienced multi-let due diligence teams who understand the sector and the processes involved to maximise efficiency through the transaction process.

Fund Management Operations

Caisson provides a scalable financial management platform with real time investor reporting tailored to investor requirements.

Asset Management

Caisson creates individual tailored asset plans focusing on the performance of the physical asset and the growth in net operating income whilst maintaining an occupier centric approach. Caisson continually evaluates economic and risk performance of its underlying investments including income risk tracking, sector and market analysis and socio-econometric analysis as well as regular valuations.

Capital Projects

We have over £10m of capital projects currently under management.

Active Risk Management

Caisson operates a rigorous risk management framework by aligning our interests with our investors. Our proprietary research and databanks enhance and inform investment risk analysis of each asset and underlying income stream.

Financial Management and Investor Reporting

The Caisson dedicated fund, asset and property management platform offers quality and a market leading service to our investors with online real time reporting.

The quality of Caisson's analysis, attention to detail and enthusiasm resulted in acquisitions being successfully concluded with the minimum of fuss.

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