UK office

Steven Tattersall Caisson Investment Management

Steven Tattersall

David Carter Caisson Investment Management

David Carter
Managing Partner

Mark Bowden Caisson Investment Management

Mark Bowden
Property Partner

Philip Stott Caisson Investment Management

Philip Stott
Investment Partner

Mark Bowden Caisson Investment Management

Michael Newman
Finance Partner

Jez Bartholomeusz Caisson Investment Management

Jez Bartholomeusz
Partner, Investment

Tracy Benjamin

Tracy Benjamin
Consultant, Private Funds

James Ward Caisson Investment Management

James Ward
Partner, Asset Management

Dan Maynard Caisson Investment Management

Dan Maynard
Asset Manager

Charlie Tatts

Charlie Tattersall
Transaction Manager

James Burgess

James Burgess
Acquisitions Manager

Meera Parmar Caisson Investment Management

Meera Parmar
Finance Manager

Bharti Bhandari Caisson Investment Management

Bharti Bhandari
Asset Management / Investor Reporting

Neha Talsania Caisson

Neha Talsania
Finance Assistant


Adam Bartholomeusz


Rosemary House
Personal Assistant, Asset Management

Lisa Allsup Caisson Investment Management

Lisa Allsup
Personal Assistant, Investment

Our People

At Caisson we have deliberately assembled a group of people with different skill sets and experience to enable us to look at things from a broader perspective;  but they also all come with one key central theme, that of being highly respected in their specific field for what they do. 

The result means whether it is stock sourcing, investment analysis, transaction execution, asset management or investor/financial reporting we have the best people working to produce the best result. 

In that respect our people are our most valuable asset.

Caisson has enabled EAV Co-ordinated to move quickly into multiple buildings, allowing us to expand our business and ensuring sites are continuously maintained to a high standard.

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