Our Business

Experience and Expertise

The Caisson Partners each have between 15 and 25 years of property experience including a combined 40 years in the Multi-Let Industrial (“MLI”) sector. This experience extends as far back as the pioneering days of  John Sims’ “iO - Industrial Ownership” from which the majority of our asset managers originate.  

Our  iO heritage combined with a deliberate cross section of skills forms the backbone of Caisson’s fund and asset management approach and has now been further developed by Caisson to include rigorous investment analysis and proprietary research. This when combined with our experienced sector specific asset management makes a powerful combination - producing strong outperformance for our investors. These principles are now beginning to be applied to other asset classes with similar results.

Today Caisson boasts a staff of 18 highly talented motivated individuals from a multitude of backgrounds working together to produce fantastic results for our investors.

Caisson has enabled EAV Co-ordinated to move quickly into multiple buildings, allowing us to expand our business and ensuring sites are continuously maintained to a high standard.

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