James Barder

James Barder 181

James is a Non-Executive Director, sitting on the Management Committee which oversees the overall business direction.  His main focus is advising on the corporate strategy and focus of the firm.  James is also the owner of an MLI Investment managed by Caisson.

James has over 30 years’ experience of setting up, managing and running companies in the fields of insurance, banking, and pharmaceuticals.  His past roles include Managing Director of Aon Capital Markets Limited, Chairman of Seascope Special Risks Limited and Non-Executive Directorships of Creon Corporation plc and Lorega Group.  James is also a Trustee of the Mary How Trust for Cancer Prevention.

In his spare time, James enjoys many outdoor activities, but in particular cycling, skiing and fishing.  Indoors, he is a passionate amateur cook.

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Our People : James Barder

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