Integrated Fund and Asset Management Platform

Caisson’s integrated fund and asset management approach brings further depth to our platform.

Our asset managers derive best value based on active asset management principles, having regard for sustainability. This is achieved through our knowledge of the market, relationships with local professionals and a desire to offer transparency to our clients. Effective deployment of strategic asset management can have a significant effect on returns. Our core asset management philosophy includes:

  • Asset plans with regard for the market;
  • Pro-active approach = Risk minimisation;
  • Supported by cutting edge ICTs and real time investor reporting;
  • Implementation of Information flow;
  • Creating sustainable assets;
  • Identifying and highlighting regional opportunities and risks;
  • Assessing demographics to inform strategy; and
  • Understanding the dynamics of local supply and demand.

Our focus is on adding value to the assets and asset management process, creating strategies and adopting a progressive stance to enhance investment return. This in turn will drive the performance of assets through careful planning, implementation and asset tracking.

Caisson add significant value in their own areas of expertise generating genuine value at both a business and investment level.

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