Caisson’s Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

We are 100% committed to doing all that we can to reduce our footprint on this planet and pay forward a cleaner, greener world to the generations ahead.  We pride ourselves on being a carbon neutral company and endeavour to become a carbon negative company over the coming years. 

We value our environment and the social contribution we make to our local area, actively seeking to add value to growing communities.  We sponsor a local youth football team, enabling further opportunity for them to maintain and build their small community club for the local children. 

We fiercely support environmentally friendly schemes such as the Cycle to Work Scheme, which encourages our team to cycle where possible, with some of our team even choosing to cycle to industrial estate site visits, instead of driving! 

We have also dramatically reduced our business travel, with video conferencing now being our preferred mode of communication.  Caisson’s office is structured in a way that actively encourages recycling, using less plastic and restricting unnecessary printing.

Caisson’s Commitment to Corporate Governance

The importance of adhering to regulatory and corporate procedures is fundamental at Caisson; we have strong processes and structure in place, to ensure that we are fully compliant in all application governance areas.  Each member of our team is required to complete an annual course on corporate regulations and anti-bribery and, as a company, we adhere to FCA rules and regulations. 

Caisson’s Commitment to our Employees

We value each and every member of our team, respecting the unique qualities and skills that each individual brings to the table.  We embrace a culture of diversity and inclusion, fused together by our common goal to succeed in a dynamic and thriving workplace.  

Caisson add significant value in their own areas of expertise generating genuine value at both a business and investment level.

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